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{short description of image}About Orndorff Enterprises

Orndorff Enterprises encapsulates all the little projects that Andrew and I get involved in during our lives.  It started as a collaborative start-up venture between the husband and wife team of Andrew and Kathleen Orndorff.  Formed in 1998, Orndorff Enterprises' original goal was to provide personalized web site maintenance and design services. 

Today Orndorff Enterprises is committed to providing the world with useful, quality applications or product to customers.  We have our hands in many adventures at the moment.  We are exploring expanding into APPs for Apple products.  Kathy has produced photo artwork by  Little Angel Photography”.  Every year we experiment a little more at Orndorff Orchards with our home-made jams, spreads and chutneys.   Finally we are going a little more commercial in the renting of our beach condo at Princeton House 1 – Unit 6. 

Stay tuned for more news and adventures with Orndorff Enterprises. 

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{short description of image}Orndorff Enterprises - Background

Andrew Orndorff holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. He is a member of the class of 1991 and a loyal school supporter. Andrew has extensive Information Systems background.

He joined ISSI in 1991 and was immediately assigned to the prestigious National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Research and Development (NHTSA R&D) office. Andrew quickly took over the task of expanding NHTSA's Internet presence, first through the implementation of Internet services and infrastructure for the user, and , subsequently, through the creation of web services for the Agency. In this capacity, he established the proto-type web site for NHTSA, which included publications, graphic media, and search capabilities that permitted the web user to search the NHTSA web site for specific information. Later revisions to this prototype included animation and digital video produced from engineering simulations and crash test films.

Andrew next assisted in the birth of the current NHTSA web site. From there he developed a separate NHTSA R&D web site dedicated to servicing the NHTSA R&D area specifically. This second web site hosts NHTSA R&D's crash test data, engineering models and simulations and permits the distribution of software to the research community. His efforts for this second web site have included interactive visualization and download of crash test data, the generation of dynamic database catalogs via CGI programs and other web analysis tools using the PERL programming language.

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Kathleen Rudd Orndorff, C.C.M. brings Orndorff Enterprises a unique combination of experience and education. Kathleen graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Notre Dame ButtonUniversity of Notre Dame in 1984.

She joined the 1984/1985 Credit Training Class at Marine Midland Bank, N.A. after which she was placed in the Utilities Department as a Loan Officer. Kathleen transferred to the Capital Markets Division in 1986 where she took over the trading of the Bank's British Pound Sterling (STG) options portfolio. While on the trading floor she established Marine Midland's presence in the Canadian Dollar (CAD) and Australian Dollar (AUD) options market.

Her experience with the AUD brought her an offer from the Australian subsidiary Wardley Australia to join the Australian office on assignment to set up a fully functional front-office options trading operation and to expand Wardley's presence in the AUD options market down under and abroad.

Soon after returning to the United States in December 1988, she was offered a position to join the elite Citibank Options Trading Desk in New York City where she traded Swiss Francs, Aussie Dollars, Irish Punts, Italian Lira, Belgium Francs, Spanish Pesatas, and French Francs. After nearly six years as a global currency options trader, Kathleen joined Astrogamma, Inc.. the creators and marketors of the FENICS currency options pricing software system. She traveled extensively with Astrogamma, promoting the software for purchase and training current users. She was stationed in the London office where she troubleshot system problems, beta-tested new releases, answered client questions and visited clients in London and Europe.

While in London, Kathleen was accepted to attend the Cambridge Universitywhere she graduated with a Master of Philosophy in Economics in July 1994. She was an active member of the Darwin College Darwin CollegeStudent Association and was accepted to read for a Ph.D. in the Department of Applied Economics for the year following graduation. However, while back in the States, Kathleen accepted a job as Director of Accounting Operations and Investments with The State Insurance Fund of New York.

As functioning Chief Financial Officer, she managed a Department of 180 people in five Divisions located in eight office locations throughout New York state. She was elected to serve on the American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds (AASCIF) Finance and Investments committee for 1996/1997. She also passed the rigorous Certified Credit Manager exam offered annually by the Treasury Management Association in June 1997.

Kathleen's computer skills have always played an integral part in her career. Before even graduating from Notre Dame, Kathleen spent a summer writing a doctor's billing office program for the Faculty Practice office of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She has been informed recently that her program is still in use 15 years later. Kathleen also formally studied four computer programming languages (BASIC, COBOL, PL1, SAS) and has programmed professionally and personally in all four. With this extensive programming background, Kathleen was readily able to self-teach herself the most currently-in-use software applications and is well versed in WP, WORD, EXCEL, Lotus 123, and most recently Windows NT and HTML.

Andrew and Kathleen Orndorff have been happily married since November 1997.

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